Iron Gate Private Garages

The Perfect Showcase For Your Collection

Customize your space however you see fit

Whether you use it as a personal garage, workshop, private office, urban cabin or just a place to get away, your space at the Iron Gate Motor Condos is yours to customize however you see fit. Iron Gate owners have repeatedly told us that they simply couldn’t have added storage on to their home or personal property with as much quality and security for less than they paid for their unit at Iron Gate Motor Condos.

Designed for motor-sports enthusiasts

With units that you can own, we dare you to find a safer, more economical home for your prized possessions. Plus, you just can’t put a price on the friendships you are sure to form as you share your passion with other motoring enthusiasts. Explore the latest thing happening in the Chicago Market…the Iron Gate Motor Condos in Naperville. More than just a storage facility: it’s a large motor-sports campus designed for motoring enthusiasts by an enthusiast.

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