The Iron Gate Team

We focus on bringing the motoring enthusiast community together

Meet the Iron Gate Team

“Motor Head”, “Car Guy” or “Collector”….whatever we call ourselves, we love cars

Tom Burgess

“Motor Head”, “Car Guy” or “Collector”….whatever we call ourselves, we love cars, or anything with a steering wheel for that matter. I don’t know the cause of this ailment, but if this picture is any indication, it started at an early age and has not let up…..Thanks, Dad.

My wife calls it an addiction– one could argue that, and I would lose. She also refers to the objects of my dreams as “the other women.” And there have been many: Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes…fun rides all, but relegated to the “building” and only allowed to come home one at a time.

As a commercial builder (, I built my first motor condo in 2007 and it was great storage for my toys…. But something was missing. There were no other car guys around. The vision for Iron Gate was born out of talking with friends, and my Dad, about creating a community for car people.

More than just a storage facility; it is the ultimate garage lifestyle condominium complex dedicated to motoring enthusiasts, located on a 45 acre campus in the nationally recognized community of Naperville, IL. This was the vision in 2013 and it is what we are delivering today as Iron Gate Motor Condos, the latest thing happening in the Chicago market for car enthusiasts. It’s “A Place to Fuel Your Passion” with the like-minded, where we can own our own storage and customize it into just what we want; a place where we can entertain family, friends, and business associates; a place to make new friends and embrace a broader piece of the car life than we can do on our own. And, a place where the services we need to maintain and enhance our cars are onsite to save time and money.

These are not merely storage units …. the deluxe garage condominiums can serve as the ultimate man cave after being outfitted with the likes of 80-inch flat-screen TVs, full kitchens, plush living rooms and even basketball courts for the kids to play on while Dad tinkers with a timing belt.

When life gets busy, it is a place to hang out with friends and family. Iron Gate Motor Condos has become the place to be. Whether it’s the early morning Chrome and Coffee, open invite car shows, Marque Saturdays, charity fundraisers or the Cars & Cab evening events, we focus on bringing the motoring enthusiast community together.

One thing that is abundantly clear; we drivers of the car culture have a wide variety of tastes and opinions. And at the same time, whether at a cruise night, Concours, truck/car show, or auction, I have found all members of our kind to be the best of what humanity has to offer…helpful, respectful, hard- working, inquisitive, honorable and fun are our common traits and for that reason I’m building a place where we can enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts – a place to fuel your passion!

May there always be fuel in your tank,
Tom Burgess

Rebecca Colbert

A former direct marketing executive (accounts included Ford Motor Co, American Express, Wells Fargo, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, etc.), I decided my number one job was “Mom” after my second child was born with health issues. Once I got him healthy, I wore many hats… aerobics instructor, receptionist, jewelry designer and volunteer extraordinaire, but what I really want to be is a race car driver!

Notable cars in my life include a 1967 Dodge Dart that truthfully wasn’t in the best shape, but the guys loved it; a forest green Ford SHO that had a tendency to go over the posted speed limit, and a white T-bird with blue interior that made me feel like Princess Diana when driving it. Currently I am driving a soccer-Mom Honda van but I’m dreaming of the sporty little number I will acquire when tuition is paid! I’m loving my work with Iron Gate Motor Condos and it is a perfect place for me to dream about my next set of wheels.