Iron Gate Motor Condos: ‘Every Car Enthusiasts Dream’


Naperville, Illinois, in the western suburbs of Chicago, is now the place of man-cave dreams. That’s where Tom Burgess has opened Iron Gate Motor Condos, a 45-acre luxury high-end garage complex. The burgeoning campus will eventually include 13 buildings hosting a total of 160 customizable garages.

Car Heaven on Earth

Each garage features a space to park personal automobiles along with a man-cave space that each owner can design to their specifications.

“Our owners have proven to be quite imaginative,” Burgess said, “with one space featuring a gourmet kitchen while others have installed deluxe bathrooms, fireplaces, a wine cellar and even a basketball court.”

Iron Gate offers car enthusiasts a highly secure, temperature controlled environment and the camaraderie of other owners, with frequent car shows and events. The gated campus has automated security with a key code access 24/7. There are scenic views of an on-campus, 22-acre nature preserve that has bike access. 

In spring of 2016, Iron Gate Motor Plaza will debut onsite for auto-related one-stop shopping, according to the company.

For Car Collectors

Burgess, a real estate developer, built his first motor condo in 2007 after he ran out of room to store his collection of luxury vehicles. After realizing there weren’t any car enthusiasts around with whom to share this experience, the vision for Iron Gate was born. 

Burgess’s Iron Gate garage features his automobiles, office space, a collection of antiques, and illuminated glass ceiling, and a carved wooden pub bar with brass railings, a canopy.

“What’s really cool is the cars bring everyone together,” Burgess said. “There is no pretense out here. If it has a steering wheel and wheels, and you are passionate about it, you’re welcome. Tell us about it, and let us embrace it too.”

The Details

The buildings at Iron Gate Motor Condos are finished with James Hardie concrete siding, stone wainscoting and steel gabled roofs. Prices start at $129,000 for the smallest unit, which measures 20 by 40 feet, according to the company. Seven floor plans are currently available. 

The garages come with a viewing loft, 14- by-18-foot overhead garage doors, radiant heat, plumbing, floor drain and sprinklers.  Owners pay utilities, as well as assessments—based on the amount of square footage owned—to the condo association.

Networking Haven

Approximately 120 owners are expected to own garages, with some already combining two and three garages to best manage their car collections.  

Events already held at Iron Gate Motor Condos include Super Car Friday, which showcased an array of vehicles, like a rare Koenigsegg super car, a Limited Edition Bentley, a “Ludicrous” Tesla Model S, a 918 Porsche, an Alpha 10 Twin Turbo Audi R8 1,000-horsepower “mischief” machine, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and many American muscle cars.

Iron Gate Motor Condos have also hosted several nonprofit fundraisers, serving as an ideal backdrop for all types of special events, according to the company. 

The luxury garage complex also hosts monthly networking and information events, like “Chrome and Coffee” every second Saturday.

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